Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Claims That His Client Can Describe Trump’s Genitalia

60 Minutes finally aired Anderson Cooper’s interview with Stormy Daniels on Sunday night, though — entertaining as it was to picture Donald Trump getting spanked with a picture of his own face — there was not a ton of new ground covered. Even the biggest revelation, that someone had approached Daniels with her infant daughter and threatened her, had been previously hinted at. In other words, anyone hoping to learn of the contents of the CD-ROM that Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti tweeted out ahead of the interview was sadly left disappointed.

As such, Avenatti was met with a hard line of questioning from Savannah Guthrie on Today Monday morning, where he started his post-interview victory lap.

Guthrie first pointed out the discrepancy in Avenatti’s previous statements regarding any physical evidence his client may have on Trump such as text messages and photos, which he said during his last visit that only Daniels could answer to. However in the interview that aired, Daniels said that Avenatti had instructed her not comment on such evidence.

“Again, we’re not going to get into the details of everything we have at this time and there’s a reason for that, we’re in the very early stages of this case,” he told Guthrie. “We understand the American people want all of the information right now, immediately. It would make no sense for us to play our hand to this issue and we’re not going to do it right now.”

Later, Guthrie asked Avenatti if his client still had more to say, and whether or not anything had been omitted from her interview.

“She was prepared to discuss intimate details relating to Mr. Trump, she can describe his genitalia, she can describe various conversations that they had that leave no doubt as to whether this woman is telling the truth,” Avenatti claimed, to the presumed delight of anyone eating breakfast while watching.

“And if she’s not telling the truth, let the president take to the podium and call her a liar. Let the president come forward and say it never happened,” he added. For what it’s worth, Trump still has yet to comment publicly on Daniels’ claims, however on Monday morning he did tweet out something vague about “fake news.”