Seth Meyers Reminds Us Of The Nightmare Ahead For Hillary Clinton’s Presidency Courtesy Of The GOP

Sorry folks, you were definitely wrong if you thought Election Day was going to bring an end to the madness of this campaign season. I’m not writing this from the future, but I am taking the GOP at their word when they say they’re going to do everything in their power to stuff a Hillary Clinton presidency. As Seth Meyers puts it in his latest “Closer Look,” the Republicans have essentially promised to “paralyze” Clinton if she wins the White House. Don’t be shocked, though. They’ve had practice with eight years of President Obama.

Ted Cruz takes the brunt of this, deservedly given how he showed what some considered a heroic speech at the RNC this summer and then turned around to support the guy who claimed his father killed JFK and his wife had baked bean teeth. But he’s not alone. Plenty of Republican politicians and Trump supporters are clearly ready to carry the fight for the duration of any Clinton presidency, including former congressman Joe Walsh and his musket. First, his reference to grabbing his weapon is a metaphor and then it is literal a moment later during an MSNBC interview.

But it is the sitting GOP members of Congress that are sending the strongest message against Hillary’s power as president. Some are threatening to keep the Supreme Court seat that was left by Antonin Scalia vacant for the entire span of Clinton’s stay in The White House, going against their previous claims that they wanted to let America decide. Clearly, someone had their fingers crossed while saying that, nullifying it in the case that Hillary becomes president. Damn these weird political rules.

(Via Late Night)

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