The Skittles Photographer Who Took Donald Trump Jr.’s Meme Photo Is A Refugee, And He’s Furious

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In an ultimate display of irony, the picture of a bowl of Skittles that Donald Trump Jr. used to describe the Syrian refugee situation was, in fact, snapped by a former refugee. Photographer David Kittos has come forward to reveal how he was once a refugee from the Turkish control of Cyprus, and he definitely didn’t give Trump Jr. permission to use his photo.

Kittos, who said he is not on Twitter, told BBC News that some friends of his alerted him about the meme that Trump used to describe the possible dangers of a few Syrian refugees. He said he took this picture a few years ago while just messing around with the camera. He went on to say he wasn’t aware the photo would be used for such a purpose and does not endorse it:

“This was not done with my permission, I don’t support his politics and I would never take his money to use it. In 1974, when I was six-years old, I was a refugee from the Turkish occupation of Cyprus, so I would never approve the use of this image against refugees.”

Kittos would also like if Trump apologized for using the photo, but he’s doubtful that will happen:

“I would like the Trump campaign to delete the image, but they are probably not interested in what I have to say. This isn’t about the money for me. They could have just bought a cheap image from a micro stock library. This is pure greed from them. I don’t think they care about my feelings. They should not be stealing an image full stop.”

For their part, Skittles was very diplomatic about the situation and said the analogy isn’t valid because candy and people are two different things. This is a change of pace from other brands that have tried to capitalize on certain controversies.

(Via BBC News)