Hillary Clinton Wins The South Carolina Democratic Primary With A Slam-Dunk Lead

Democratic Presidential Candidates Hold First Debate In Las Vegas
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For the past few days, the Republicans have largely monopolized the press with mockery-filled attacks and strategic endorsements. All the while, the Democrats quietly hustled to pick up votes in the South Carolina primary. This is the last event before Super Tuesday strikes, and it looks like Hillary Clinton will take the win. Within five minutes after the polls closed, CNN projected Clinton’s “crushing” victory after less than one percentage of results arrived. Once 30% of results slid in the door, Clinton claimed 75% with Sanders taking 24.1%.

Going into Saturday’s primary, Clinton was expected to easily win with RealClearPolitics predicting a massive lead on Clinton’s behalf. Sanders continued to hammer away at Clinton earlier this week by denouncing a failed welfare reform law (and its impact on South Carolina poverty), which was enacted 20 years ago under Bill Clinton. Alas, Sanders’ crusade was not enough to capture this state, but there’s still Super Tuesday to come.

Up until now, Hillary Clinton has kept a slight lead intact with a moderate win in Nevada after Bernie Sanders managed to walk away with New Hampshire. During the Iowa caucus, the candidates settled for a “virtual tie” after Clinton plucked up a precinct by way of a coin toss. With South Carolina, her victory is solid.

(Via CNN & Real Clear Politics)