Stephen Colbert Taps A Russian Security Expert To Help Confirm The Existence Of Trump’s Pee-Pee Tape

Stephen Colbert has spent all week teasing his trip to Russia and his stay at the hotel room connected to President Trump’s alleged pee-pee tape alluded to in the “Golden Showers” dossier. While playing around with Russian billionaires and appearing on late night TV to down vodka and pickles, The Late Show host kept dropping small breadcrumbs leading to his visit to the Ritz Carlton hotel room. And finally, tonight we get that full visit on the show and Colbert finally admits that it is the entire reason he even went to Russia in the first place. Just let that sink in for a moment because there’s not many people who would fly around the globe to visit a hotel room where prostitutes allegedly sprayed their pee-pee all over the bed. There’s already enough places to do that in America.

But Colbert did it and he rented the very expensive room for a series of segments that took a stroll through and investigated the reality of the Trump dossier’s salacious contents. His internet exclusive MTV Cribs tour shared everything but the location that most were interested in seeing. He had to save that for the big moment on national television, even getting Russian security expert and dissident Andrei Soldatov involved to help determine if the tape could be real and if the room is full of recording devices.

And really, the entire thing is like a kid being cut loose in a toy store. Colbert goes wild, jumps on the bed, and seems extremely happy to be in the room that Donald Trump allegedly watched all that magic happen. He even sees that the room has a clear view of the Kremlin right out of its window, noting that Vladimir Putin wouldn’t even need a camera to watch what was going on. Just give him some cartoonish binoculars.

If you’re hoping for Colbert to uncover the truth, you’ll be out of luck. He does pull out a black light and breaks some things around the room to make sure there are no bugs, but in the end he finds nothing. There is a very funny moment where an alarm goes off in the room and the hotel staff call to make sure everything is OK. Definitely worth the wait.

(Via The Late Show)