Ted Cruz Had To Pull This Campaign Ad Because It Accidentally Cast An Adult Film Star

A new Ted Cruz national campaign ad has been pulled by the man himself after folks recognized one of its stars. The spot, called “Conservatives Anonymous,” shows a group of people at a secret meeting where they bemoan campaign lies. After the stereotypical set up rolls forward, one lady says, “Maybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time.” The scripted comment happens just as a man in a Marco Rubio shirt joins the group. Cruz is knocking Rubio, which is no surprise, but the woman’s identity caused Cruz to panic.

The actress, Amy Lindsay, is a former soft-core adult film star who starred in such classics as Confessions of a Call Girl (1998), Pleasure Zone: Volume 2 (1999), and MILF (2010). All it takes is a simple internet search to avoid this sort of embarrassing mistake. According to BuzzFeed, Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler explains how team Cruz dropped the ball:

“The actress responded to an open casting call. She passed her audition and got the job. Unfortunately, she was not vetted by the casting company. Had the campaign known of her full filmography, we obviously would not have let her appear in the ad. The campaign is taking the ad down and will replace it with a different commercial.”

So, this is the casting team’s fault, along with Cruz not going with the flow after the “damage” has been done. If this was Donald Trump‘s campaign (which it isn’t — because we know how Trump feels about ads), Trump would probably purchase more air time to irritate people. This would likely work in his favor because Trump can’t shake his dedicated follower base.

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As for Amy Lindsay’s thoughts, she’s not happy with Cruz pulling the commercial. As a “self-described conservative Christian and Republican,” Lindsay doesn’t see why her past is an issue. She also tweeted that she’s “extremely disappointed” in Cruz. Porn stars are voters, too!

Here are some pictures (including a throwback and a current Ron Jeremy selfie) of Lindsay:

(Via BuzzFeed)

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