Ted Cruz Who? More Ridiculous Campaign Ads That Actually Got Approved

Ted Cruz is embroiled once again in a controversy over his TV spots. In early December, uncut ad campaign footage found it’s way to the public, and few people could watch without grimacing and looking away from the pure awkwardness of it all. Luckily for everyone, it became a series of hilarious mini-segments for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

Since then, a waterfall of memes and supercuts showing off the weirdness of Ted Cruz has taken over the internet. From #ZodiacTed to a guy trolling Ted Cruz for allegedly liking Nickleback, the republican presidential candidate is getting it from all angles. He’s even had an exorcism performed on him! He’s a borderline laughingstock, depending on the demographic you consult. Could things get worse? Yes. Well, once again that depends on who you speak to.

Thanks to the casting of an adult film actress in a speaking role, Ted Cruz’s latest campaign ad was pulled after a brief run. Amy Lindsey, who you may or may not have seen on-camera ins such films as Confessions of a Call Girl, Pleasure Zone: Volume 2, and MILF (much later in her career) had a single, unoffensive line in the ad, but that didn’t matter. The ad is gone.

Is Ted Cruz the only person to have so many ad fails? No. He’s actually not even the worst offender. We’ve spliced together a potpourri of hilarious and awful campaign ads for you to enjoy. How did these get approved?!