‘The Daily Show’ Finds A Lot Of Joy In Ann Coulter’s Outrage With Delta Airlines

Ann Coulter’s fire breathing tirade against Delta Airlines confused a lot of people seeking to take a side in the spat. While the supporters of Coulter wanted to point out that Delta was wrong and their treatment of Coulter would’ve sparked outrage if it involved anybody else. Meanwhile, plenty of other people didn’t lose focus that it was Ann Coulter complaining and actually started cheering on the airline. It was likely the best day Delta’s social media team ever encountered considering all the praise and love that showered from users after they “clapped back” at Coulter for her complaints.

It definitely ranks up there as one of the oddest situations for a Conservative commentator, right next to Sean Hannity’s encounter with Dave Chappelle or anything involving Tucker Carlson’s brother.

For Trevor Noah, it’s almost like Christmas come early. The Daily Show host recounts all of the silly details, including Coulter apparently only being moved to another seat in the same row instead of somewhere in the bowels of the plane judging from her tweetstorm. But that doesn’t mean everybody on the show agrees with Noah, as Roy Wood Jr. comes to the defense of Coulter and the crime she experienced as a frequent flyer. He’s prepared to stand with Ann, knowing that he very well could be bumped from his seat in the near future and be forced to tweet about it.

This forces Noah to bust out the clips of Ann Coulter’s various bits of commentary on those “thin-skinned crybabies” she just can’t stand, including her idea of victims being the biggest bullies in the world. Perhaps she’s proving her own point or maybe she’s really out to take down an entire airline due to a $30 seat change and $10,000 theoretical dollars before the plane even took off. Either way, she’s still tweeting about it.

(Via The Daily Show)