Tomi Lahren Labels Herself ‘Your Worst Nightmare’ After Her ‘Daily Show’ Appearance

Political commenter and human flame emoji Tomi Lahren has been making videos for The Blaze since 2015, but she didn’t have her mainstream moment until last month, after appearing on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Now Lahren’s the subject of a fancy New York Times profile, which called her “the Right’s Rising Media Star.” Lahren, who has criticized President Obama, Beyonce, Colin Kaepernick, and the Black Lives Matter movement, leading to accusations of racism, told the Times that she would never be “an advocate, a cheerleader, or an apologist for the K.K.K. or any other hate group.”

Lahren agreed to be on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show to debate everything from Obamacare to President-elect Donald Trump with “liberal snowflake” host Noah — whose examples we should follow — to “show an unfamiliar side” to a progressive, more diverse audience. “I find that when people are actually around me, it’s impossible not to like me,” she said. “People expect me to be angry, bitter. They expect to me be abrasive, aggressive. I’m not.”

A week later, Lahren, who gives herself credit for having “the balls” to walk on The Daily Show without a “single Conservative or supporter in the crowd,” is back in her studio in Dallas, where she uploaded a new video on Monday night: “Daily Show Final Thoughts.” She admitted that Noah is a “good guy,” but he “likened to me a racist uncle before I stepped on the stage.” It goes from there, but Lahren’s general message is: “Consider your bubble burst.”


(Via the New York Times)