We Should All Follow Trevor Noah And Tomi Lahren’s Example

12.01.16 1 year ago 38 Comments

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In the just-released Daily Show oral history book there’s a chapter that breaks down Jon Stewart’s righteous and much-celebrated takedown of CNBC financial analyst Jim Cramer in March of 2009 amidst the kickoff of the great recession. Stewart and his crew were possessed with fire and anger and a need to hold Cramer and his ilk accountable; not for giving bad advice, but for seemingly shirking responsibility and denigrating those who took that advice. They were outraged and they wanted to say something about it.

Make no mistake, Stewart undermined Cramer’s credibility, but not in a way that was everlasting. As former Daily Show head writer Elliot Kalan acknowledged in the book, Cramer went back to work. He’s still there.

Remember, The Daily Show is an instigator for change, not an instrument of it. It takes the issues and the politicians and it sniffs out bullsh*t and presents its findings to its viewers in a powerful way. Whether that information brings a lasting result is more on us than on them, but it doesn’t seem like we’re able to stop treating politics as though it is, to borrow a phrase from Stewart during the Cramer interview, “a f*cking game.”

After watching new(ish) host Trevor Noah’s ascendant interview with Blaze pundit Tomi Lahren on The Daily Show I was impressed by the civil and calm debate that I had just witnessed. Then I went on Twitter.

We can sidestep a recitation of the insults because I don’t feel like typing that many asterisks and lets just assume that I wrote a couple hundred words praising Noah and Lahren for their own tweets, wherein they continued to treat each other with respect while also speaking to the destructive stock response that the interview generated in some circles. That was originally the plan when I started typing because that kind of thing is a rare and welcome sight to behold, but I can’t help but focus on the hyperbole. And because of that, this tweet strikes me as half-right and fully interesting.

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