This ‘Trump Against Humanity’ Game Might Help You Laugh Through The End Of Times


So Donald Trump is pretty much our Republican nominee for president. This has undoubtedly caused some people to panic, a senator to tweet that Trump is becoming president over her dead body, and for others to welcome the news with some dark humor.

That’s what the creators of the game Trump Against Humanity are doing. According to the Daily Dot, Trump Against Humanity is a play off of the famously inappropriate party game Cards Against Humanity, and is the brain child of Jeffry Da Silva, the creative director of Canadian advertising agency Sid Lee. Da Silva’s version of the game has players fill in common Trump phrases like “if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t even be talking about _______” and of course, “Make ______ great again,” and then has them fill in the blanks with shorter phrases like “father-daughter incest” or “total losers.”

If there’s one thing that Trump is good for, it’s providing material for a Cards Against Humanity-type game about himself. As the Daily Dot describes:

Da Silva was looking to mine Trump’s statements for ridiculousness, and the real-estate-heir-turned-reality-TV-star provided an embarrassment of riches. The team ultimately only elected to put about 30 Trump statements in the deck. It’s a relatively small selection of Trump’s “best words;” Da Silva insists they probably could have let the deck swell to 500 cards without having to scrounge for material.

Sid Lee produced 100 packs, and originally had people sign up to get one of them. Since thousands have requested one though, they’re rethinking their distribution strategy.

(Via Daily Dot)