Trump Warns Russia To ‘Get Ready’ For U.S. Missiles To Bomb Syria And Calls Assad A ‘Gas Killing Animal’

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Amid President Trump’s continued angst over the FBI raid on his personal attorney, POTUS has vowed to monitor the U.S. response to an apparent chemical attack by Syrian pro-government forces that affected around 500 civilians (and killed dozens). Trump previously declared that he was going to be “very tough” after the State Department called Russia “ultimately” responsible for its ally’s attack — given that Russia continues to fail as guarantor in holding Syria to its 2013 agreement to destroy its chemical weapons. On Wednesday, Trump made an ominous warning that included an outright threat.

In a tweet, Trump mocked Russia’s vow to shoot down missiles fired by the U.S. at Syria. He then told Russia to “get ready,” for “they will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart!'” Trump also scolded Russia for being allies with a “Gas Killing Animal” (President Bashar al-Assad).

Trump also declared that the U.S. relationship with Russia is “worse now than it has ever been, and that includes the Cold War.” He then seemingly asked Russia to “stop the arms race,” which Trump previously aimed to discuss during a meeting with Putin that may not be happening now (although the Kremlin recently bragged about Trump supposedly inviting Putin to the White House).

Perhaps Trump’s finally also upset about Russia recently nuking Florida in a simulation video, although to be utterly frank, Trump previously did call for an arms race that pitted the U.S. against Russia.

So, a U.S. missile strike on Syria appears to be imminent, which is the same response that Trump served up in April 2017 (on a Syrian airbase) after a different chemical attack on the country’s civilians. After that strike, Russia and Iran issued a joint warning for Trump to never cross red lines again, but it looks like that will be happening, unless Defense Secretary Jim Mattis — who hasn’t taken a military strike off the table — shuts the plan down.

Finally, as is always the case, there’s an old Trump tweet for everything.