The Waffle House Suspect Had A Testy Phone Call About Wiping His Hard Drive Prior To His Massacre

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The world is slowly learning more and more about Travis Reinking, who allegedly shot and killed four people at a Nashville-area Waffle House restaurant over the weekend. On top of once trespassing near the White House (and getting a visit from the Secret Service) and claiming that Taylor Swift was stalking him, he also erased the hard drive on his laptop. And in doing so, he grew a little unhinged with a customer service phone technician.

CNN reports that according to Robert Hartline, the owner of Dang It Repair, it seemed like a normal transaction when Reinking asked that the shop wipe his hard drive. However, he called back two weeks later, confusing the employee he talked to:

“No, uh, yeah, that’s what I’m saying, if I made a backup disk and kept that for later and had somebody analyze it they are not going to find anything on it that you guys put there, are they?” Reinking asked the technician. “Why are you guys doing this man? I don’t get it, why… what are you getting out of this?”

The technician stated that he didn’t understand the question, and Reinking then called the employee a liar. The technician offered to look at Reinking’s laptop if he agreed to bring into the shop, but Reinking wasn’t interested. “Yeah, well, go kill yourself then, jump off a bridge or something,” he said before hanging up. Following the massacre, he’s facing four counts of criminal homicide and other shooting-related counts while being held without bond.

(Via CNN)