The 12 Best NBA Fights Of All Time Will Still Shock You

07.12.16 2 years ago 12 Comments

Enough time has passed since the “good” ol’ days where NBA players used to try and clean each other’s clocks with a hard foul/haymaker, so much time that some of us miss it or wish we had seen a version of the league that was a bit tougher. Sure, it sounds a bit barbaric. But a lot of the fights and bruisers of the past have become legendary. So, to celebrate the Bad Boy Pistons, the rough and tumble Knicks, and the glory of nostalgia, let’s look back at a time where the NBA was a little bit more like MMA with the 12 best NBA fights of all time.

11. Kobe Bryant vs. Chris Childs

While Kobe Bryant clearly ate both of the shots Chris Childs delivered and kept moving, he was on the receiving end of some of the cleanest punches NBA fans have ever seen in this quick dust-up from 2000.

Also, Shaq has to be less than two feet away from this fight – Childs actually bumps into him – and all he could muster with his 7’7 wingspan was a couple swipes at Kobe’s jersey and a gentle shove after it’s all over. C’mon, Diesel. Be less obvious.

10. The World Takes On Shawn Bradley (Shawn Bradley vs. Walt Williams)

Shawn Bradley had the height advantage on almost everyone he ever took the court against, which meant that a well-thrown elbow had the potential to be a devastating shot to the head or neck of any opponent while looking almost effortless. Here, Walt Williams applies maximum effort while trying to climb the ladder and take down a giant with a shot to the jaw after Bradley jammed one of his bony elbows into the side of his head. Surprisingly, Williams didn’t knock down the rail thin Bradley, but he did draw blood. Giant’s blood.

If you love seeing Bradley get his, this collection will feed your need as he gets dropped by Mark Davis and dunked on by Chris Webber, Robert Pack, and others.

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