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11.25.08 9 years ago
Chris PaulCP3 went triple doubling

Fantasy MVP of the night? Easy. CP3. Chris Paul had 14 points, 10 boards, and 17 assists. That’s almost unfair. There are a lot of names you need to know on this list today with some possible pick ups. Check it out. S

DJ Augustine – That’s 4 straight good games for DJ Augustin, including a huge performance last night (25 and 11). It’s time to grab him.

Eric Gordon
– No Ricky Buckets last night but Gordon scored 25 with 4 threes and 4 steals in his first career start. Deep leagues should grab him. Shallow leagues should watch the situation closely.

Charlie Villanueva – Even off the bench Charlie V. seems safe to start again. He’s been on fire since returning from injury. Looks like Skiles has lit a fire under him, something that we know Villanueva needs.

Jason Thompson –
The goose egg may hurt your week but I wouldn’t cut Thompson because of it. The kid is a rookie. Cut him some slack.

Rudy Fernandez –
No need to panic but the minutes and production are way down for Fernandez. Don’t cut him… Yet.

Steve Blake – Blake has put on a very nice streak and consistently finding ways to contribute. Last night he had 12 points, 5 dimes, and 4 assists.

Joel Przybilla – Oden started by big Joel continues to put up real numbers. He’s a third center at best but good for you if stole some short term value. 10 points, 12 boards, and 2 blocks last night.

Luis Scola – Probably not enough people are playing Scola as their 4th forward. He’s somewhat in consistent, but seems to give a little something/something every night and is good for a double/double (like last night) at least once a week. He also really doesn’t hurt you anywhere.

Mario Chalmers – Chalmers had an aberration game last night with 23 points, 6 assists, 4 boards and 4 steals. He’s capable of nights like this, but it clearly is not the norm.

Udonis Haslem – There is reason to be concerned. Haslem’s lack of a big defensive presence is starting to lose him minutes. Haslem got in a little foul trouble last night but only finished with 2 points and 7 boards. Joel Anthony has been earning minutes with blocked shots and had 4 more of them last night in 28 minutes.

Darko – I’m a Darko supporter. If Darko gets minutes he boards, blocks shots, and scores a bit. Last night he started, played 30 plus, and had 11 boards, 11 points, and 2 blocks.

Manu – The bald spot is back and the game looked like it was too. In limited minutes, Manu went for 12 points and 4 boards. He looks like a safe start for next week.

Paul Millsap – As long as Boozer is out, Millsap will have great value. 21 and 10 last night. He’s a beast.

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