Adam Silver Is Reportedly On Disney’s Shortlist To Replace Bob Iger As CEO

Could Adam Silver have a new job in the not-too-distant future? According to multiple media reports, Silver, who has served as the NBA’s commissioner ever since he followed David Stern in 2014, is on The Walt Disney Company’s shortlist as it looks to find a successor for its current Chief Executive Officer, Bob Iger.

The news was first reported by Charles Gasparino of Fox Business Network, and was subsequently confirmed by both Doug Greenberg of Front Office Sports and Jess Golden of CNBC.

Both Golden and Front Office Sports reported that Silver’s current contract to lead the NBA runs through 2024, while FOS added that there’s both no guarantee Silver gets the job and a unique situation that would prevent him from sitting on Disney’s board.

While FOS’ source was unable to speak to the other names on the reported shortlist —which includes Candle Media co-founder and co-CEO Kevin Mayer, and Disney co-chairman Dana Walden — they clarified that Silver is only being considered for the top position, and cannot serve on Disney’s board due to the NBA’s broadcast partnership with the media giant causing a conflict of interest.

Iger previously led Disney from 2005-20, but returned in Nov. 2022 after the dismissal of his successor, Bob Chapek. The NBA currently has a television rights deal with Disney, which bring in about $2.5 million for the league. Prior to Chapek’s tenure coming to an end, he expressed interest in renewing its deal with the NBA before it expires at the conclusion of the 2024-25 campaign.