(Almost) Daily Fantasy – 3/14/09

03.14.09 9 years ago 15 Comments

Leon Powe

Forget LeBron‘s 51 and Kobe‘s absurd all around line for a second – how about my man Leon‘s 30, 11 and 5! I highlighted him as a great pick up this week and boy was I right. You’ll get one more Powe week until KG is due back. Enjoy it.

Rip Hamilton – 24 and 16 assists??? Rip has never played better ball (and fantasy ball) in his life… Allen who?

Rajon Rondo – Who was happier to see Rondo back last night – fantasy owners or Celtics fans? It’s close. Rondo looked good enough last night and although the scoring was down he did have 8 dimes and 8 boards. He’s good to go for Monday.

Danny Granger and Hedo Turkuglu – If you asked the players, they’d tell you they are ready to go. It sounds like both coaches disagree. I think both have a decent shot of playing a full week starting Monday, but it doesn’t look good for either for this weekend.

Mickael Pietrus – Pietrus posted a great all around line last night but even if Turk misses a couple more games, Pietrus’ production has been inconsistent. Let’s wait till Monday to make the pick up call.

Manu Ginobili – It sounds like Manu won’t be back in time for Monday, but is pretty close. If he was dropped, go get him for your playoffs.

Marvin Williams – Peace Marvin until next season. He won’t have surgery, but he’s done for the fantasy season. You can cut him.

Greg Oden – Big man sounds like he is good to go. Expect more of the same from Oden though – inconsistencies until the one consistency comes back – injuries!

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