Boston’s Tom Thibodeau Is An NBA Head Coach

05.17.10 8 years ago 20 Comments

After watching the Celtics manhandle the Magic for the first three quarters of yesterday’s game, and watching their defense contain LeBron James and his supporting cast last week, one has to wonder why the mastermind behind the Celtics’ defense, Tom Thibodeau, is still on Doc Rivers‘ bench. This man deserves to be a head coach, and after the way the Celtics have performed in these playoffs, this is the time when Thibodeau will finally get the opportunity to be the head man.

This man has turned the Celtics team defense into an incredible display of both efficiency and unity. It is a beautiful thing to watch the rotation of the Celtics on defense as they mechanically shut down the other team’s best weapons on offense, and the man who gets all the credit for it (deservingly) is Thibodeau.

Yet despite his reputation as a defensive genius, and Rivers’ continued praise of his ability to be a head coach, Thibodeau still remains second in command behind Rivers in Boston – which is shocking considering some of the people that have gotten jobs in recent years. Vinny Del Negro had no coaching experience before getting hired by the Bulls, and his tenure consisted of constant questioning of his ability to coach. Sam Vincent was an NBA assistant for one year before Michael Jordan thought it would be innovative to name him head coach of the Bobcats. That turned out poorly. So with all the openings this off-season and teams looking for coaching experience, they should look no further than Thibodeau.

While some say he has never been a head coach, he’s been an assistant for 19 years and his teams have always been well-prepared and excellent defensively, so experience should not be an issue. If Thibodeau doesn’t get hired after this Celtic run, then there is something wrong with NBA general managers these days.

What do you think? Would you hire Thibodeau?

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