Charles Barkley Swore On TNT, Then Apologized For Showing The Knicks On TV

With how much trash talk the Inside the NBA guys throw towards one another, it’s kind of surprising that we don’t hear them swear more frequently. Chuck, Kenny, and Shaq are all ruthless towards one another, so it’s a testament to their abilities to censor themselves that they don’t slip all that frequently.

Unfortunately for Charles Barkley, he wasn’t able to catch himself while discussing the Knicks. During a package of highlights from New York’s 119-103 loss to Cleveland on Thursday night, Barkley got to talking about a conversation he had with Spike Lee over All-Star weekend. Much to his chagrin, he let out a profanity.

“I was talking to Spike Lee All-Star weekend,” Barkley said. “He’s dying to get kicked out of the Garden. He don’t wanna watch this sh*t.”

After some good-natured ribbing from Shaquille O’Neal and Ernie Johnson, Barkley apologized. Shaq, going along with the silliness, told the FCC to send him the bill that the show may get for this slip up.

Two parts of Barkley’s mistake were extra hilarious. The first was the behind-the-scenes camera that TNT had on Chuck while he slipped up. You can tell that he felt awful for doing this, and as he and Johnson both mentioned, he hadn’t done this in year.

Then there was Barkley’s apology. He directed it towards the children of America about something that aired on TNT on Thursday night. If you think he’s apologizing for swearing, well, not quite.

Give Barkley some credit – he knows that the Knicks are hard to watch.