Chris Bosh is the new Vince Carter

07.28.10 8 years ago 70 Comments

It’s funny how these NBA team execs get all critical of their superstars after they leave, and act like they weren’t all that in the first place, even though they probably just made an impassioned pitch trying to keep said superstar in town. Case in point: Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo, who in an interview yesterday hinted that Chris Bosh milked injuries, quit on the Raptors during this past season, and isn’t really a franchise player. Total PR move on Colangelo’s part — even taking pages from Vince Carter‘s Blueprint to Guaranteed Canadian Hatred — to make sure Bosh is the bad guy and the Raps are the good guys in the eyes of the public. Any smart observer would know Bosh (for the most part) held up his end of the bargain, he just never had a good enough supporting cast to really make a dent in the postseason. And even if you don’t think Bosh is really a franchise guy, it’s not his fault Toronto treated him like one. Nothing prevented the Raptors from trying to go get another “true” franchise guy to play with Bosh … Meanwhile, more blockbuster moves are in the works for the Cavs: Damien Wilkins, Von Wafer and Alan Anderson worked out for the team recently, and Joey Graham (or Stephen, or one of ’em) is on Cleveland’s radar as well. So, um, what’s the ETA again on that championship, Mr. Gilbert? You said before Miami wins one, right? … Argument in the Dime office: Should the Cavs ever retire LeBron‘s number? They do have Bingo Smith up there in the rafters after all … The Heat added another spare part, inking Shavlik Randolph to a contract. Remember when he was a HUGE deal coming out of high school? Now he’s Joel Anthony‘s crash test dummy … Apparently the Celtics would be interested in Delonte West should the Wolves dump him. Really though, would Delonte be any less toxic than Allen Iverson? Boston gave Stephon Marbury a chance; what’s good with A.I.? … Before it got started and even after this latest Chris Paul trade drama appeared to be put to rest, word around the League has been that CP’s inside people have been digging around seeing what’s out there for Paul in terms of a trade. So although Paul just said he’s cool in New Orleans for now, the NBA has still issued a memo to all teams warning against any contact directly with CP or his people about a trade that isn’t initiated by the Hornets. (In other words, you can call the Hornets and pitch all the Chris Paul trades you want, but don’t call Worldwide Wes.) Six-figure fines and losing draft picks could be at stake. So basically, the T-Wolves should be right on top of this. David Kahn likes collecting point guards, and besides, that Joe Smith thing was like ancient history … We’re out like Shav …

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