Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan Alley-Oop Over Roy Hibbert

The first half of the Pacers vs. Clippers game has been remarkable viewing this Sunday. The 15-1 Pacers haven’t faced off against a winning team yet, and the 12-5 Clippers have survived a tough schedule to open their inaugural season under coach Doc Rivers. The Pacers had the lead at the break, but Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan have lit up their league-leading defense on a couple different lob slams.

Immediately following that ferocious finish by DJ near the end of the first half, Paul George came down and hit a three-pointer from the top of the key like it was a pick-up game and he was getting annoyed. His expression on the way back up the court seemed to inform the Clippers it wasn’t going to be as easy as a couple lobs to shake the Pacers this year.

Now with more than half of the third quarter in the books, the Pacers are up by double-digits, and George has 23 points on 9-of-14 shooting. The Pacers are looking legit, even on the road against one of the West’s top teams.

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