The Dallas Wings And Isabelle Harrison Launched The ‘I Am’ Campaign

The Dallas Wings launched its I Am campaign on Wednesday amplifying the work of the team’s forward Isabelle Harrison who began the I Am movement back in July. The campaign will feature a video series that the team created as part of its social justice platform under the WNBA’s Justice Movement.

Harrison was featured in the first video the Wings produced for the series, speaking on using her platform to educate as best she can.

“I started the campaign after seeing the social injustices and atrocities in our country,” Harrison said in the announcement. “The purpose is to show all that their struggles are seen and show how alike we really are. I also wanted to make something that we could all come together on.”

Wings President and CEO Greg Bibb said in a statement, “I’m proud of the Izzy for her vision and our organization for working hard to make it come to life. Once again, our players are leading the way and using their voice to drive the conversation around social justice.”

The I Am t-shirts the Wings released nearly sold out on the first day, with all proceeds from the shirts going to Black Lives Matter, but select sizes are still available.

It’s just the latest effort from the WNBA which has long been on the front lines of the fight for social justice, as its players use their voices and platforms to push for change and continue to get support from their teams and the league to amplify those voices.