Dollar Dollar Billups

11.11.09 8 years ago 42 Comments

Chauncey Billups

Don’t let the fact that Chauncey Billups shows little emotion on the court fool you into thinking he’s any less fiery of a competitor than Kobe, Dirk, LeBron, Wade or any other big-time clutch player who punctuates his daggers by making funny faces. You have to be iceberg to have hit as many fourth-quarter threes and last-second free throws as Mr. Big Shot has hit, but you also have to have a fire inside you to show up in the kind of shape he does every year and bring it at the high level he brings it every night … After Chauncey (17 pts, 6 asts, 3 stls) made the go-ahead free throw with 0.6 seconds left in last night’s Nuggets/Bulls game, he missed the second FT on purpose, giving the Bulls only 0.3 to make a game-winner. Brad Miller caught the inbounds at the top of the key, and while they say you can’t catch and shoot with that much time on the clock, Miller came damn close to pulling it off, draining a jumper that the Bulls thought was good and celebrated accordingly. But the refs checked the replay for about 10 minutes while everyone waited and eventually waved it off, giving the Nuggets the win … Here was Chauncey’s take on the whole thing: “As soon as I saw the flight of the ball, I knew it was good. Then, I was sitting and laughing. Not so much about the shot, but looking at their reaction. They were dancing and jumping around like they had just made the Sweet Sixteen. The longer it took, the better I felt.” That’s just evil … (Speaking of evil, did you see THIS?) … Before Chauncey’s free throw, Carmelo (20 pts, 8-22 FG) gave Denver the lead with 13 seconds left when he got an iso on Luol Deng on the wing, took him to the baseline and hit a pull-up jumper. Deng played him about as well as you can, but like Eric Snow said on NBA TV, ‘Melo is arguably the best one-on-one player in the League. Derrick Rose (22 pts) tied it up with free throws to set up Chauncey’s game-winner … In his first game back from suspension, Earl Smith III (he says he’s no longer “J.R.”) went 1-for-9 for five points in 29 minutes off the bench … George Karl got his 939th career win, passing Red Auerbach for eighth on the all-time list. Do you think Karl is a Top-10 coach in NBA history, or just a guy who hung around for a long time? … In the Bobcats/Magic pre-game show, the Charlotte announcers (Dell Curry and another guy) were pretty much in reverence of Dwight Howard and almost conceding that he was gonna hang about 30 points and 20 boards on their team. It makes sense, considering Dwight used to routinely destroy Emeka Okafor when he was on the ‘Cats. But Dwight was fairly tame in this one, finishing with 15 points, 10 boards and six assists in an Orlando win … Vince Carter returned from his ankle injury and scored 15 points off the bench. Then Vince told Stan Van Gundy after the game that he couldn’t deal with this “reserve” thing, caught a jet back to his house, and spent the night curled up in the closet playing Seal records … Seriously, though, at least one Dime writer thinks this Allen Iverson thing can be salvaged if the Grizzlies trade A.I. to the Sixers. True, ex-GM/Iverson nemesis Billy King is no longer around to prevent such a deal, but would the Sixers take the risk even knowing their fan base would embrace Iverson? … Jason Kidd and Erick Dampier are becoming the new (old) Chris Paul and Tyson Chandler; it seems every game now they hook up for an alley-oop or two. Last night Damp (14 pts, 20 rebs, 3 blks) had an easy time catching ‘oops against Houston, whose cast of centers were all too short or too skinny to deal with him … Somebody in the Mavs’ production truck got a little ahead of themselves. With about two minutes left and Dallas putting the finishing touches on a blowout, the scoreboard popped up saying “Final” where the time was supposed to be … Other notable stat lines from Tuesday: D-Wade gave the Wizards 41 points, five rebounds, five dimes and three steals in a win, while Gilbert Arenas had TWELVE turnovers; Kevin Durant dropped 37 points (18-18 FT) in a loss to Sacramento, while Tyreke Evans had 20 points, eight boards and eight dimes in the win; and Brandon Roy put up 20 points and seven assists in a win at Memphis … Quote from one of the Blazers’ announcers: “When Allen Iverson was here, Mike Conley was petrified of him.” Why? … We’re out like Gilbert’s handle on the situation …

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