Enes Kanter Trolled LeBron James And The Cavs After The Thunder Shredded Cleveland’s Defense

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Enes Kanter doesn’t play for the Oklahoma City Thunder anymore, but it’s clear he had a rooting interest on Saturday when his former team visited the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Kanter, who had a run-in with LeBron James and the Cavs earlier in the season and has been open about his love for his former franchise, relished the fact that the Cavs simply couldn’t stop the Thunder from scoring on Saturday. The 148-124 demolishment of the Cavaliers made a bit of unfortunate history for Cleveland, and cast doubt on whether James and the Cavs can get back to championship form with a defense like that.

It also gave Kanter, now with the New York Knicks, a chance to subtweet the Cavs using LeBron James’ own hashtag.


It’s clear that Kanter is still emotionally invested in the Thunder and wants them to succeed, so this is the perfect situation to shade LeBron for the Knicks big man. But you have to admit this is a little petty given that the Knicks have are going through their own struggles right now.

Kanter has bided his time in getting back at LeBron after he was triumphant on the court against the Knicks earlier in the season, then did his own trolling on Instagram. The point of all this, I suppose, is that it’s going to have a little bit more meaning for both players the next time the Cavs and Knicks play each other.