Gregg Popovich Laid Out Why He’s Not ‘Qualified’ To Run For President

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Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr are two of the most outspoken head coaches in NBA history. Both Popovich and Kerr have maintained the ability to talk about uncomfortable, and at times, tragic, topics with a level of sincerity and understanding that the idea of some combination of the two running for President of the United States has morphed from a fun internet meme to something NBA fans have legitimately supported.

It’s not difficult to understand why they’ve garnered this kind of support. On the same day as the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, Kerr echoed the the frustration of American citizens more than most politicians could have.

Popovich has gone on so many rants about the current political climate in America that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Popovich’s long speech after Donald Trump rescinded his White House invitation to Stephen Curry was particularly pointed, and worth a read.

What makes Popovich and Kerr endearing figures in 2018 is their unabashed honesty. That honesty is why it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Popovich told The Mercury News that he and Kerr are not “qualified” to be president, and they won’t be running.

They’re two of the most respected basketball coaches in the NBA. They’re also close friends who share similar views on social and political issues. Their words have resonated with many people, inspiring websites that support them as a presidential ticket. One of them,, has created mugs and T-shirts in the style of campaign posters.

But, unfortunately for their supporters, Kerr and Popovich also have something else in common.

“Both of us realize that we’re not built or qualified for such an office, nor do we desire it,” Popovich said.

The truth is, Popovich and Kerr aren’t qualified to run for president, despite the power and inspiration of their social commentary. That absence of ego is precisely why people want them to run, but this should come as good news for NBA fans. Popovich and Kerr are good for the NBA, and for now, that’s where they’ll stay.