Even The Clippers’ Announcers Were Amazed By This Jamal Crawford Buzzer Beater

It doesn’t matter what quarter the buzzer ends, all buzzer beaters are special.

Jamal Crawford somehow got off this 3-pointer to end the first quarter between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Toronto Raptors on Monday night. Despite dribbling himself into trouble and having Raptors forward Patrick Patterson all over him, Crawford got off a high arcing shot that fell in to give the Clips a 4-point lead after 12 minutes.

Even Clippers announcer Ralph Lawler didn’t think Crawford could get this off in time, but it was well out of his hand before the buzzer went. I love the call of this, in which Lawler goes from frustrated to impressed to incredulous well within the span of half a Vine.

“He’s not gonna get off a shot… well he got it off in time… BINGO!”

Great call of a great shot. Do it again in the fourth quarter and Lawler will probably explode.