Kyrie Irving To Mike Miller Against Bulls: Is This What A Playoff Game Feels Like?

Among many questions facing the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014-2015 is how Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love will react when the stakes are highest come spring. Neither young star has ever appeared in a playoff game, and a popular line of thinking goes that players need to cut their teeth in the postseason through failure before achieving ultimate success. We don’t necessarily agree with that take, but it appears Irving might. During the Cavs’ hotly-contested Halloween contest at the United Center against the Chicago Bulls, the 21 year-old asked former champion Mike Miller if the game felt like a playoff match-up.


Irving: Is this, like, similar to what a playoff game feels like?
Miller: Yeah. Like a couple notches below.

It’s obvious how thrilled Irving is by even getting the chance to ask such a question. He didn’t exactly play in many games – or any, actually – of even that magnitude during his first three years in the league. With LeBron James in tow, though, Kyrie will undoubtedly get his chance to enjoy a postseason atmosphere in a few months.

And we’re just excited to watch Irving perform under those lights as he clearly is to finally play in them.

What do you think?

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