Learn The Game’s Best Moves With I Love Basketball TV

The folks at I Love Basketball already taught you how to perfect your jumper with a simple, effective instructional video useful for players of all ages and skill levels. After honing your jump-shot, the next logical step to improve offensively is learning a series of go-to moves that will help ensure you can that silly smooth J off at anytime you want. And of course, Coach Rocky is back with another awesome video that is sure to have you putting up piles of points in no time.

Coach Rocky first teaches you the Tim Hardaway crossover, a slick dribble-move made famous by the former Golden State Warriors and Miami Heat All-Star. The series of quick shakes that Coach Rocky goes through here are used routinely by advanced players to nuanced and obvious advantages. Not every move needs to get you a shot or a basket, and defenders at the highest levels can be good enough to keep a player in check no matter how adept he or she is with this arsenal.

Regardless, honing these handles and their corollaries will surely take your game to new heights, and there are few better instructors to learn from than Coach Rocky.

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