Live From The Player’s Hotel

02.12.10 9 years ago 4 Comments

This is where amazing really happens. With almost every single NBA player in town staying in one hotel, the lobby is like looking through your basketball card collection. You have rookie cards (DeMar DeRozan was just kind of chilling by himself) and then you have veterans (like Jerry Stackhouse and Stacey Augmon who rolled in with their kids). You also have guys that grew up together (like D.C. products Michael Beasley and Kevin Durant showing one another some love), and Hall of Famers (like Magic Johnson and Bill Walton). Oh yea, and then there’s Tim Duncan.

While Mo Evans was walking a in a five-piece suit, Duncan looked like he has just woke up. But then again, any time I’ve ever seen TD (like at David Robinson‘s Hall of Fame induction), that’s what he looked like.

Also seen, a heart to heart between Melo and Billy Hunter, the Executive Director of the National Basketball Players Association.

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