How Dallas Should Build Its Roster Around Luka Doncic

03.14.19 4 months ago

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Luka Doncic has assisted on 62 corner three-pointers this season, which ranks sixth in the NBA. The number seems impressive on its face, but not “shout it from the top of the mountain” worthy. That distinction might fall instead on fellow rookie Trae Young, whose 86 assists on corner threes this season lead the NBA.

But dig a bit deeper into the numbers and film and you find a player with an elite skillset waiting to have the right teammates around him.

For starters, the Dallas Mavericks are shooting 36.1 percent on corner threes on the season, a mark that ranks 24th in the NBA. Since making the future-facing acquisition of Kristaps Porzingis at the deadline, the Mavs’ corner three-point shooting has plummeted to a frigid 30.5 percent, better than only the Los Angeles Lakers since Feb, 1.

Take a look at the way Doncic’s current teammates are shooting from the corners. It’s … not good.

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