Luke Walton Threw His Support Behind A Popovich-Kerr Ticket For The 2020 Presidential Election

Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr have not been shy about speaking out against President Donald Trump. Popovich kicked things off with a tirade in November aimed at both Trump and the people who voted for him, while following that up with a rant in the aftermath of his inauguration.

Kerr’s comments did not gain quite the traction of his former head coach but he got quite a few things off his chest in November and shared his (negative) feelings about the short-lived travel ban. While Popovich and Kerr aren’t the only ones that have opened up on the topic, one organization has begun to highlight a faux campaign with a “Popovich-Kerr 2020” theme to show support.

Over the weekend, Lakers head coach Luke Walton joined the movement.

The folks behind the website that sells such merchandise are quick to point out that they are not sanctioned by Popovich or Kerr but they do have a non-profit focus.

Over the last six months, Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr, along with a few other notable NBA coaches, have consistently reacted to our ongoing political malaise with reason, empathy, and candor. We think the American people deserve better than our current political horror show. Who better than the two most beloved figures in the NBA?

100% of all net proceeds generated from this store will be donated to the ACLU, Council on American-Islamic Relations, International Rescue Committee, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and Union of Concerned Scientists.

Walton was not prompted, at least on the record, about his choice of attire for his attendance at a volleyball tournament but you’d have to imagine that he is well aware of the presumptive stand he is taking. This is hardly the first time that a fake presidential ticket has been displayed in order to support a movement and/or sell t-shirts but it is also quite fitting given the way that Popovich and Kerr have spoken publicly about the current administration.

Many people in the world would prefer a Popovich-Kerr ticket to the current regime and, even if they don’t get it, there is an option to buy merchandise that could support causes that align with that way of thinking.

(Via For The Win)