Maya Moore Is Focusing On Decompressing, Not Playing In Europe This Offseason

09.25.18 11 months ago

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Before this season, one could’ve said that Maya Moore and the WNBA Finals were synonymous. Unfortunately for Moore and the Minnesota Lynx, 2018 was the first time in nearly five years that her team didn’t reach the WNBA Finals. So Moore did something different than something she normally did, she announced that she wasn’t playing overseas in Europe this year.

However Moore isn’t taking the entire offseason off, instead she’s helping U.S Cellular figure out who’s the best coach in the nation at the K-12 level. Each of the Final 15 coaches will win $5,000 for their schools. The schools of the top three winning coaches will receive a $50,000, $20,000 and $10,000 donation, respectively

Moore spoke with Uproxx about her involvement with the program, whether she feels she has a future in coaching, her toughest WNBA season in a long time and whether or not we’d see her on Area 21.

You’re doing this coaching series with U.S. Cellular. You’ve had some pretty good coaches in your career. What would you wanna pass on to the next generation?

Yeah, absolutely. I am of course just excited to be I teamed up with U.S. Cellular for the Most Valuable Coach Program. It’s a program that honors and celebrates coaches K-12, so that really important time when those kids are young.

We get to vote for the Most Valuable Coach at to make sure that our favorite coaches and our best coaches get a chance to get recognized. So as somebody who’s had great coaches, I know how important it is to be coached well.

The most inspiring coaches are ones that really care about you as people, and try to bring out the best in you as a player and a coach that really inspires them on and off the court. I would just definitely encourage coaches out there to go to the website and look at some of these coaches get inspired and just remember the impact that your making on the kid.

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