Draft Prospect Mo Bamba Recorded A Faster Sprint Time Than Russell Westbrook Or Dwyane Wade At A Workout

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Whenever anyone discusses the physical gifts possessed by NBA Draft hopeful Mo Bamba, they usually immediately point to his comically large wingspan. Bamba’s wingspan is 7’10 with a 9’7.5 standing reach, which helps the former University of Texas standout’s case as one of the best defensive center prospects to come into the league in some time.

The thing about Bamba, though, is that he’s more than just a shot blocker. It turns out the dude is a physical freak of nature, which was on display during a workout he had with the Chicago Bulls. According to K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune, Bamba threw down a three-quarters court sprint time that should not be possible when you’re nearly seven feet tall.

Mohamed Bamba, a 6-foot-11 center who a source said ran his three-quarters-court sprint in 3.04 seconds — a time typically posted by guards — could fall, or the Bulls could get so intrigued with him that they try to trade up.

While that sprint isn’t as famous as, say, a 40-yard dash, you can look at that number and go “Huh, that must be really fast.” And you’d be right! We now go to Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports for more.

Putting it into this context is crazy — Westbrook is among the most explosive athletes in NBA history, Wade was literally nicknamed “Flash” because of his speed, and the rest of the guards on this list are all generally known for being ridiculous athletes. Despite this, Bamba was able to test faster than all of them.

There are questions about his offensive game at the next level, but one thing is for sure: Whatever team is able to acquire Mo Bamba in the draft will get quite the ball of clay that can, potentially, be molded into a nightmare for the rest of the NBA.