Which NBA Team Wins A 3-On-3 Tournament Between The Owner, GM And Coach?

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There have been articles published and opinions expressed pushing for the NBA to create a 3-on-3 tournament during All-Star Weekend. While, as of now, this doesn’t seem to be part of the league’s plan moving forward, ESPN.com’s Zach Lowe may have come up with something better.

It’s a 3-on-3 Tournament featuring each team’s principal owner, general manager and head coach. While this is completely unrealistic, it is also an entertaining fantasy for NBA-junkies to discuss and debate. On one of Lowe’s recent podcasts, with Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers, the two briefly discussed the impracticable competition.

Predictably, this got us thinking. If this ever were to happen, who would emerge as favorites? Let’s find out…

5. Brooklyn Nets

Between interim head coach Tony Brown and newly hired general manager Sean Marks, the two share 18 seasons of NBA experience. While owner Mikhail Prokhorov does not have any professional talent on the court, the Russian has proven his post-moves in exhibition games. Plus, Prokhorov lifts and does kick boxing.



Then there was this bit of stretching he put the Nets through this past fall. Ff you need to motivate the billionaire oligarch, just threaten him with marriage.

The trio, while underdogs here, would be the biggest team with Brown at 6-foot-6, Prokhorov at 6-foot-8 and Marks at 6-foot-10.

4. Milwaukee Bucks

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While a handful of players become coaches after retiring, it is rare to find a former player turned coach with the Hall-of-Fame resume of Jason Kidd. Complimenting Kidd is co-owner Marc Lasry, who put his talent on full display last month at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. Although Team Canada defeated his Team USA, the businessman dropped eight points and pulled down six rebounds.

There is also general manager John Hammond and his relatively unknown basketball skills to consider, but the dual-threat of Kidd and Lasry could do some damage in this totally real tournament.

You already know what Kidd can do – see Lasry’s skills.

3. Los Angeles Clippers

Like Kidd in Milwaukee, Clippers head coach Doc Rivers also has point guard experience in the league. Although he had more of a modest career, the combination of him with general manager David Wohl, who played in the NBA for seven seasons, makes for a formidable threat.

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And, of course, there is owner Steve Ballmer to consider. The Los Angeles owner hasn’t shown much skill on the court since purchasing the franchise in August of 2014 — despite his massive dunk…off of a trampoline. Yet, if all else fails, the former Microsoft executive can just resort to becoming the team’s hype man.

2. Golden State Warriors

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Just like this season’s Warriors, the Golden State trio would be elite, too. Head coach Steve Kerr is the NBA’s all-time leader in three-point percentage at 45.4 and can still stroke it from deep, while general manager Bob Myers and his 6-foot-7 frame walked-on the UCLA basketball team for four years.

“You’re the best GM basketball player right now,” Lowe told Myers on his podcast.

“Is that a high-bar?!” Myers responded, laughing.

“If we can numb out Steve’s body and put him at the three-point line, he’d be fine,” Myers — chuckling and referring to Kerr’s knee and back issues — told Lowe. He also defended owner Joe Lacob’s basketball talent, saying the 60-year-old still plays pickup twice per week and “would be good.”

1. Charlotte Hornets

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And then there are the Hornets. Head coach Steve Clifford played Division III basketball and not much is known about general manager Rich Cho’s basketball prowess. But their owner? Yeah, about that…

Michael Jordan, despite being 53 years old, can still dominate on the basketball floor. Just last year, the player considered by many to be the greatest of all-time said he was “pretty sure” he could beat any of his Charlotte players one-on-one.

Even if his skill has deteriorated, Jordan has not – and probably never will – lose that competitive edge.

So Adam Silver, how do we make this happen?