Let’s Watch NBA Draft Picks Get Stumped When They Play ‘Name The 90s’

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Another NBA Draft has come and gone, and a day later, we’re still trying to parse through all the transactions and decipher just what this will mean for each team going into next season. But none of that is really important right now. Now’s the time to get psyched about seeing these young prospects take their talents to the next level against the world’s greatest competition.

These young men comprise the next generation of NBA stars, and if you’re a bit older, thinking about just how many generations removed they are is enough to make you feel like a relic of a bygone era. Never was that more apparent than when watching a handful of this year’s draftees play “Name the 90s.”

The game is exactly what it sounds like. To test their baseline knowledge, players were shown pop culture touchstones from the halcyon days of the 90s, several of which were literally before their time. They may have been maddeningly clueless about a few of these, but they were surprisingly up to speed on others.

Coby White, Rui Hachimura, P.J. Washington, and others headlined the participants, who were mostly dumbfounded by a Super Nintendo and Easy-Bake Oven and had trouble identifying groups like Outkast and Destiny’s Child. They were, however, quick to the draw on “Good Burger” and Boyz n the Hood.

Vince Carter and some of the older heads around the league surely have their work cut out for themselves when it comes to catching these young bloods up on important cultural milestones that are quickly fading from our collective memory.