New Nike NCAA Tournament Uniforms

03.11.09 10 years ago 11 Comments

We hit you with the NCAA Tournament Hyperdunks yesterday, now we wanted to follow up with the new uniform designs Nike schools will be rocking in the Dance.

Duke, Gonzaga, Memphis, Michigan State and Oregon will be outfitted head to toe in Nike Pro Combat gear and their unis will feature brand new designs. (see them after the jump)

All schools will be wearing “Aerographic” jerseys that employ engineered mesh to provide increased cooling for players as well as less density, making the jerseys 31% lighter than a traditional game jersey. That’s all fine and good, especially if it helps players, but how do they look? Here’s a breakdown of the design inspirations for each school:
Gonzaga University: The spiked collar of Gonzaga’s bulldog mascot inspired the circular spiked design while the school’s commitment to rise to the occasion led to a symbol of prosperity running vertically at the top. “Go Zags” is the design’s centerpiece.

Duke University: With gothic architectural inspiration, this design was inspired by the Duke Chapel, a major campus icon that speaks to the heritage of the university. It also includes a rendition of the original Duke crest. Duke will be wearing this jersey in conference tournament action.

The University of Memphis: Dynamic tiger stripes representing the boldness of the mascot inspire this jersey design. The team’s “refuse to lose” quote is abbreviated and included at the center of this design.
Michigan State University: Spartan battle armour inspired the dynamic pattern running throughout this jersey while the Michigan State logo forms the foundation. An ancient Greek shield design surrounds the Michigan State logo.

University of Oregon: Grid pattern detail throughout represents the trusses in the roof on U of O’s Mac Court while the beams of the roof run vertically. The iconic Oregon “O” is the design’s centerpiece.
You tell us – what do you think?

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