Oklahoma City’s Haunted Hotel Claimed Another Victim When The Heat Came To Town

Getty Image / Wikimedia Commons

The Miami Heat are in Oklahoma City preparing to face the Thunder on Monday night, and we’re about to talk about their hotel accommodations. If you follow the Thunder, you know that the only reason we’d bring up a team’s accommodations in Oklahoma City is because the Heat are staying at the Skirvin Hilton hotel, which is possibly haunted but is definitely infested with bugs.

Budding star Heat forward Justise Winslow spent last year’s Heat trip to OKC sharing a room with Tyler Johnson, so that they could find safety in numbers against the supernatural forces they were sure to face through the night.

Let’s check in on them a year later, shall we?

This year, Winslow, 20, and Johnson, 24, are trying to tough it out and be men about it.

But that could change after what happened to Winslow Sunday morning. The 20-year-old forward said he was in the shower around 9 a.m. when the door to his bathroom began moving on its own.

“That really happened,” said Winslow, who also wasn’t too happy about the bugs in his room and roach he found in his shower curtain.

“I’m just trying to get through this trip as quickly as possible. I try and spend the least amount of time in my room. I go down, sit at the bar, get me something good to eat, watch TV, watch football, but I don’t spend a lot of time in that room.”

Once again, we find a story about a possibly haunted hotel that manages to bury what should be the real lead: Why are pro basketball teams allowing their players to stay in bug-infested hotels? It’s certainly not because any players have expressed a strong desire to stay at the Skirvin. Tyler Johnson may sleep with a night light, as he copped to in this Miami Herald story, but the closest thing any Heat players came to an endorsement was Udonis Haslem’s tough guy posturing.

“I ain’t scared of no ghost,” Haslem said. “A ghost will have a helluva time – he might as well go to another room because he’ll have the fight of his life if he comes to my room. It will cost him so much trouble he’ll just say I’m just going to the next room. He’ll say, not tonight, this ain’t the room I need to be in.”

Make a note never to prank Udonis Haslem in a ghost costume.

(Via Miami Herald)