Rajon Rondo’s Weekend Steal Was a Huge Deal

11.22.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

On Friday night, Rajon Rondo swiped his 30th steal of the NBA season. Besides 30 being a ton for just 12 games into the year, the 30-steal milestone means big things for Boston and the kids growing up playing ball on the city’s playgrounds. For every steal Rondo notches this season, Red Bull will donate $500 to the city’s Parks and Recreation Department to refurbish parks throughout Boston (see Rajon’s personal message to the city here) as part of the Boston’s Got Wings program.

This first 30-steal milestone will see $15,000 allocated to Boston’s famed Malcolm X Park – a court rich with basketball history that is widely considered the top pickup run spot in Beantown. And now, as the season rolls on, the public gets to play a major role in deciding which courts gets the next infusion of refurbishment money.

The official site for Boston’s Got Wings is LIVE, and with it, a voting system where you can see which courts are up for renovation, complete with photos ,a brief history of each playground and the option to vote for which court should be next up for renovations. When Rajon hits that next 30-steal milestone, the court with the most votes at the time will receive the $15,000 in funding.

Check out the official site and vote HERE.

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