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09.25.09 8 years ago 77 Comments

Lil Kim (La Bella Mafia)

Who is the best female rapper of all-time?

Lately I’ve been seeing a Macy’s ad where Queen Latifah is the best combination of classy, attractive and a mainstream clean image in a room that includes R&B diva Mariah Carey and pop diva Jessica Simpson.

If you were around between ’88 and ’98, you know why that seems so surreal. I grew up on the hip-hop version of the Queen — “U.N.I.T.Y.,” “Ladies First,” even when she did “Living Single” and was more appealing to the ‘hood than the housewives. The jazz-singing, romantic-comedy, Broadway-show, CoverGirl-endorsing version of Queen Latifah is like a whole other person. And watching that Macy’s ad, it hit me: Someone like my 11-year-old cousin, or my 78-year-old grandma probably has no idea Queen used to be a rapper; and not only that, but arguably the greatest female MC of all-time.

Bold statement? Maybe, but while running through the candidates, it’s a small pool of competition. Beyond every rap crew having their “First Lady” come and go with the wind, there are only a handful of females who held it down consistently and were really good over a significant period of time.

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