Sick Video: Carmelo vs. LeBron in High School

05.20.09 9 years ago 14 Comments

LeBron James

The mainstream media wants Kobe vs. LeBron in the Finals. It’d be a dream even better than last year’s Celtics-Lakers rivalry. If the game’s two most marketable stars meet in the Finals, imagine how the TV ratings will skyrocket.

But a Carmelo vs. LeBron matchup could be just as compelling, even if it didn’t create as much buzz. There’s a real history between those two guys – from their matchup in high school on national TV, to their part in the ’03 Draft class. Plus, they would go to war with each other every time down the court. It’d be an epic battle.

Head over to High School Hoop, where they’ve got that classic Oak Hill vs. St. Vincent-St. Mary high school game. LeBron throws a behind-the-back pass in the exact same fashion that he still does. ‘Melo – whose hair is out of control – hammers a crazy one-handed dunk that the video replays. It’s great footage.

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