Spurs run over, around, through Lakers in statement win

12.29.10 8 years ago 36 Comments
We think we can speak for a lot of NBA fans out there who have been waiting three years for this. Finally, after the Lakers dominated the West for three consecutive seasons, after we came into this year expecting another boring Western Conference playoff race, it looks like we have ourselves a squad that is a real threat to unseat Kobe & Co. this spring … The Spurs dominated all but the opening few minutes of the second quarter in last night’s 97-82 tone-setting win over the Lakers. Back in the day, there is no way San Antonio would have any chance if Tim Duncan had the night that he did (2 points, 4 rebounds). But he can do that now when he has teammates like Tony Parker (23 points) and DeJuan Blair (17 points, 15 rebounds) exposing L.A.’s weaknesses: inability to defend quick point guards, getting outworked by hard-working bigs, and a lackadaisical approach and we-don’t-need-to-care-yet aura … Kobe Bryant (8-27 FG, 21 points) sounded like he was prepping to go into solo takeover mode following the Miami loss, and last night he definitely had the horse blinders on. It’s not all Kobe’s fault that Pau Gasol only got eight shots (9 points), but it’s not not Kobe’s fault … How worried should the Lakers be now? If you can’t get up for a game against a long-time rival who also happens to be the first-place team in your conference, when will you care? But maybe L.A. really was ready to play and maybe San Antonio really is that good? … Basic basketball knowledge says long jumpers lead to fast breaks. The Miami Heat thrive on these breaks with the two best finishers in the game. So what did the Knicks do last night? Launch threes and long twos, setting up Dwyane Wade (40 points, 9 rebs) and LeBron James (18 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists) for layups and dunks on the break. After the first quarter it was already a 16-point Miami lead …

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