A College Basketball Team Lost Because Their Fans Stormed The Court Too Early

Associate Editor

Storming the court is fun. If you have never done it, you cannot appreciate the pure euphoria that comes from sprinting onto a basketball court because your school just won a game it wasn’t supposed to win. It’s college basketball’s single most special tradition, although if you ask anyone on the St. Bonaventure basketball team, odds are they really hate court storming right about now.

The Bonnies were playing host to VCU, the top team in the Atlantic 10. It was a tight game, and on their final possession of regulation, St. Bonaventure knocked down a three to go up 66-65. The shot went in with 0.4 seconds left on the clock.

Despite this, some Bonnies players started making their way onto the court from the bench thinking that the clock had run out and they picked up the win. This led to some students spilling onto the court, which led to a technical foul assessed against the bench and the students.

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