Steph Curry Had A Conversation With Retired Astronaut Scott Kelly On His Instagram

12.15.18 6 months ago

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Steph Curry found himself at the center of a minor controversy this week, as he appeared on a podcast and expressed his apparent belief that humans had never been to the moon. Instead of going full Kyrie Irving and continuing this bit for months, he did eventually say he wasn’t being serious when he made this proclamation.

Curry got a trip to NASA out of the whole thing, one which he plans on accepting when the Golden State Warriors visit Houston a little later this year. But in an act of apparent contrition, Curry decided to use his platform for good, hosting retired U.S. Navy Captain and astronaut Scott Kelly onto his Instagram account for a discussion.

Kelly, who has flown to space four times in his life, related with Curry about something going viral. He also warned about the dangers of spreading something as seemingly innocuous as the belief that people have not been to the moon, even in jest.

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