Swing Vote

06.01.10 9 years ago 32 Comments

Let’s say you’re one of those who hasn’t picked a side yet going into the Lakers/Celtics NBA Finals. Now, if there was a chance any city’s media contingent could swing your vote away from their team before Game 1, you gotta admit Boston would have been the odds-on favorite. But then some dick columnist wrote this in the Los Angeles Times: “By the way, (Paul) Pierce‘s idea of a fun night is going clubbing and getting stabbed. Good times!” Although the newspaper eventually removed the piece from its website, radio station KTLA kept it up. Wow. Still not sure what to say about that one, except it sounds like a job for White Chocolate. Better yet, sic Jim Calhoun on the guy. Calhoun has chunks of writers like that in his stool … The offseason fallout is still underway for the two conference finals losers. In Phoenix, Grant Hill said he is cashing in his $3.3 million player option for next season, while in Orlando, Matt Barnes is opting out of his $1.6M deal. Do you think Hill should have kept his options open to see what other contenders had to say this summer? Barnes says he wants to stay with the Magic, but he wants “something decent” from the team that uses him to guard the likes of Kobe, LeBron, D-Wade and Kevin Durant on a nightly basis … Meanwhile, Brandon Bass wants to either play more or get traded from Orlando. Can’t really blame him, either. Bass had multiple teams after him, signs with the Magic thinking he’ll be a major contributor, and after the first couple weeks of the season Stan Van Gundy turns him into the Black Mark Madsen … Speaking of guys who never play, remember when the Celtics signed Tony Gaffney right before the end of this season? The former UMass product hasn’t seen a minute on the court, but there are some people who think he’ll be an asset for the Finals because he used to play for the Lakers and knows their tricks. Maybe, but Gaffney didn’t get past training camp cuts in L.A. We can imagine the conversation going something like this: Doc Rivers: “Alright T, tell me the Lakers are gonna do.” Gaffney: “Well, um, they run the triangle. I didn’t really have time to get it, though. Oh, and they got Ron Artest. He was guarding me during camp, so honestly, I couldn’t even see the ball on offense. But I know Ron chews Big Red. I could smell it.” … Teams aren’t supposed to make personnel moves just to avoid the wrath of their fans, but we still say the main reason the Sixers (despite some rumors) won’t trade the No. 2 pick in this year’s draft just to dump Elton Brand‘s contract is because they don’t want their fans to start a coup. But that doesn’t mean Evan Turner is a lock for Philly. The Sixers are reportedly arranging a workout for Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins, and according to some sources, Doug Collins already really likes Derrick Favors … Funny story over the Memorial Day weekend involved Mickael Pietrus and his hair. You saw the ‘fro Pietrus had by the end of the season. Well, during training camp, some teammates bet Pietrus $17,000 he wouldn’t go the whole season without cutting his hair. If we could pick a team of NBA guys to go no-haircut for a year, it’d be Stephen Curry (or else he has to grow a fade like his dad), DeShawn Stevenson (he needs something to do), Danilo Gallinari (picture him with an Adam Morrison look), DeJuan Blair (just seems like he belongs in the ’70s, hair and all) and Carlos Boozer (just wondering if he has hair). The coach? Mike D’Antoni. He should match the mustache with some sideburns and a Steve Nash ‘do … We’re out like D-Steve …

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