The Digital Version of Dime #55 is Here!

02.12.10 9 years ago

Just in time for all of the NBA All-Star 2010 festivities, we’re dropping the digital version of Dime #55 on the site today. You can GO HERE to flip through and read the new issue of the magazine.

For the cover shoot and story, we got up with Kobe Bryant in L.A. back in December, at the launch of the Nike Zoom Kobe V. At a particularly hectic time in Kobe’s life (when isn’t his life hectic?), Dime’s Austin Burton penned the best Kobe cover story and interview you’ll read this year; providing a look into the mindset that forces Kobe to push his body beyond its limits — hence the recent injuries — in defense of his fourth NBA championship and his spot as the game’s pound-for-pound Alpha Dog.

Plus, keeping with the All-Star theme, Shannon Brown and Channing Frye share the secrets that have them in the running to be crowned the NBA’s best dunker and long-distance shooter, respectively, later this weekend. Plus, be sure to check out the Dallas Mavericks‘ guide to their city for ASW.

For more on the making of Dime #55, CLICK HERE.

For the digital version of Dime #55, CLICK HERE

For all of our NBA All-Star coverage from Dallas, CLICK HERE

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