Vince McMahon Wants a Cage Match vs. Nuggets Owner

05.20.09 9 years ago 18 Comments

Do you think that Vince McMahon maintains his crazy man persona when he’s at home having dinner with his family? Hypothetical situation: Vince’s wife says that she’s going to make chicken and rice for dinner. She goes to the store and they don’t have the chicken she likes, so she goes with pork and rice instead. Does he blow up and tell her that she should be arrested for impersonating a good cook?

I think so. He has to realize that this interview with Jonathan Coachman on ESPN isn’t something that airs on the jumbotron at WWE Monday Night Raw. It’s ESPN News – like real, actual television. But he stills challenges Stan Kroenke to a steel cage match. Dude, it’s a great idea. I’m all for settling disputes with cage matches. But they don’t do that shit in real life.

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