Fall Out Boy Is Coming To ‘Beat Saber’ In The VR Game’s Latest Music Pack

Is there anything better than jamming out to some of your favorite songs in Beat Saber? The VR rhythm game that features players slashing away at floating blocks is one of the best games in the always growing VR landscape. Beat Saber is so popular that some of the biggest musical artists in the world such as Lady Gaga and Billie Eilish have collaborated with the game to get music packs of their own in the game.

On Tuesday, we saw another example of a major collaboration happening with world famous band Fall Out Boy adding a music pack of their own to Beat Saber. Some of the songs include hits like “Centuries” and “Irresistible” among others.

Pete Wentz was excited about the band’s collaboration with Beat Saber saying in a statement, “Our shows are flat out filled with pyro – it’s rock n roll.” said Wentz. “That’s why our first VR collab had to have a TON of it… this will be the biggest rock show that Beat Saber has ever seen. Turn it up!”

One of the best parts of playing Beat Saber is how energetic it can feel jamming out to music while hitting each block. Fall Out Boy is perfect for a game like this thanks to how uptempo some of their music can be. We can’t wait to start jamming out when the music pack drops on March 31.