Alabama And Ohio State Are Soon Coming To Campus Legends On ‘Madden 22’

One of the best features of the older NCAA Football video games was the College Classics mode. This allowed players to replay certain games and moments from college football history such as “The Play” in Stanford – Cal 1982 or Doug Flutie’s famous Hail Mary. What made these modes particularly fun though is that sometimes it allowed the player to change history. Remember Ohio State’s thrilling victory over Miami in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl? In College Classics, players were able to change that game to end in Miami’s favor.

Unfortunately, we haven’t had a college football game for quite some time, and while a new one is on the way the only way to even kind of get that experience has been Madden 22. Their Campus Legends mode has given players the opportunity to play college football in a video game albeit a very watered-down version of the sport. Still, it’s been fun getting to see those old helmets going head to head against one another.

That fun has the opportunity to continue with the recent teaser that Alabama and Ohio State are being added to Madden’s Campus Legends mode through Superstar KO later this week. This means that fans will now be able to take some of the greatest players to ever play for both programs and put them against each other on the virtual gridiron. This is going to create some fun what-if scenarios for fans, but it’s also an opportunity to replay the most recent time these two faced off against each other: the 2021 National Championship game.

Most people remember that game as when one of the best collection of talents in Alabama history came together to dominate its way to a championship over a strong Justin Fields led Ohio State team The matchup was full of future pros such as Jaylen Waddle, DeVonta Smith, Najee Harris, Mac Jones, Pete Werner, Josh Myers, and soon to be drafted studs like Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson. It was the exact kind of game we’d love the chance to replay in a virtual setting, but now Ohio State has a chance to even the playing field with Chase Young on defense and Ezekiel Elliot in the backfield. Of course, this also means Alabama is getting to add Derrick Henry and an entire starting 11 of first-round picks on defense.

Thanks to Campus Legends we can finally do something that has been missing from sports games for far too long: take the best programs in college football history, throw them on a roster together, and put them against one another in the title match to end all title matches.