Licensed to Game: ‘Recon’ Digs Deep Into Game Adaptations

Whether you think of them as cash grabs or the perfect way to further explore your favorite existing franchise, one thing is certain about licensed games: they’re here to stay.

This past year, the games industry showed more growth than both the film and sports industries combined, which proves that video games are growing bigger, better, and more popular than ever before. The great news is gamers aren’t the only ones noticing this shift. Movie studios are finally getting in on the action, developing games that expand on existing stories in infinitely cool ways and allow players to experience them in an entirely new and more personal format.

In this episode of Recon, the one and only SushiBAE and UPROXX’s AJ Lodge dig deep into licensed games, from the ones that paved the way for greatness (007: Goldeneye) to the ones that…uh… didn’t. Join the guys as they talk about the legacy left behind by games like Kingdom Hearts, theorize on all the unbelievable franchise tie-ins in Fortnite, and get us hyped for the new Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones games. There’s also plenty of predictions about the many upcoming Sony movies and television shows based on our favorite games, like The Last of Us and Uncharted, and some hot takes from SushiBAE and AJ on licensed games as a whole.

No portkeys or X-Wings are required to journey with us through the land of licensed games on this month’s episode of Recon–simply click play on the video above.