Ah yes, the old cut-to-the-afterlife trick…

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01.13.11 22 Comments

This is the trailer for Kate Hudson’s latest Al-Qaeda recruitment video, A Little Bit of Heaven. For the first minute or so, it’s your standard rom-com trailer.  She’s a feisty free-spirit who owns a bulldog and sleeps around.  Does she sleep around because she’s a slut, or has she just not met the right guy??? I can’t wait to find out!  And what of the cancer she contracts during a glib dinner party? Before we can find out, at the 1:26 mark, this happens:

Whoa, slow down there, sailor. Was that a hard cut to the afterlife, in the TRAILER?  And without even a (*RECORD SCRATCH*) to warn us?  Jeez, ballsy move.  Anyway, that’s where Kate Hudson meets God (Whoopi Goldberg, obviously), who gives her one last chance to meet the man of her dreams and stop being so much of a whore.  Will she finally have sex for love before the cancer consumes her?  Find out in… The Lovely Bone.  That’s what they should’ve called it.

[via BestWeekEver]

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